Granite Bay

Granite Bay is an unincorporated community in Placer County and though was officially recognized in 1987, it has a long history.  Granite Bay's roots lead back to the early 1850's, when gold miners first settled the banks of the American River. At one time there were 37 gold mining settlements along both sides of the River.

In its earliest beginnings, it was known as "Granite Bar", a small mining camp just below Horseshoe Bar. The North Fork Ditch, built by the Natoma Company between 1852 and 1954, not only allowed miners to surface mine gold, it continued to supply water to the area and attracted settlers who planted olive and almond orchards. When Folsom Lake is low you can still find rows of stumps straight out from the Granite Bay boat launch ramp. 

Today, Granite Bay is known for it's great schools, beautiful homes and proximity Folsom Lake.  For more information on the beautiful area, please visit or call me!

Marian Tankersley
Marian Tankersley