Silicon Valley - I can help you

Silicon Valley is a name many people recognize but may not be aware that it has no geographical borders like a city.  It is a nickname for the area south of San Francisco Bay.   It is home to many of the world's largest Tech corporations, as well as thousands of start up companies. Geographically, it encompasses all of Santa Clara County, and San Jose is considered to be the Capital of Silicon Valley.

The word 'Valley' refers to the Santa Clara Valley and "Silicon" originally referred to the silicon chip innovators and manufacturing companies that created the exciting technology environment.  It is a beautiful area with great weather, low unemployment and high salaries.

However, the housing price is high as well and often is not affordable, especially to people that relocate for a job transfer.  Many people have relocated to El Dorado Hills and neighboring communities as these areas offer many amenities similar to Silicon Valley, including employment.  The housing cost is about 2/3 of the Silicon Valley area, yet offers top rate schools and unlimited recreation opportunities. 

I can help you relocate from the Silicon Valley to El Dorado County! 

Prop 90 is planned to expire fall of 2018 - it's an excellent program that will allow Santa Clara County residents to transfer their property tax base to El Dorado County.  This is great for folks that may have purchased their house 10-20 years ago and while the value may be over $1 million, the property tax is still based on the original purchase price.  Many people are selling their bay area house and buying cash here, while maintain the lower property tax.

Please let me know if you would like more information about the affordability of El Dorado County and surrounding areas.

Marian Tankersley
Marian Tankersley